Custom design agency - specializing in the development of custom logos and the creation of an aesthetic corporate identity for the company. If you want your customers to interact with a brand, give it an accessible face in the form of a logo. We strive to provide our clients with high quality work at affordable prices.


Development of a brand book for a factory with a full cycle of production of stylish knitted fabrics for interiors

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Development of a logo and corporate identity elements for "ICPP": International Center for Advanced Professional Training.

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Creating a brand for an IT company, developing a logo (trademark design)

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"Power supply"

Development of a logo and corporate identity elements for the Block Power restaurant: High quality food delivery service.



Development of a logo for the Electoral Commission of the Chechen Republic



Brand book development for the Chechen State University



Development of the honey trademark - positioning, trademark design (logo development)

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Creating a brand of wiper bills, developing a logo (trademark design)

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Megapolis of Light

Development of a trademark (trademark design) for a sleep goods store



Election Commission of the Chechen Republic Chechen State University Matrasshop Prof-IT Megapolis of Light Dolphin club - children's camp Medveg Xiot Power supply - restaurant BNR Legal Strategies  International Center for Advanced Professional Training Frontmaster Dostigator Zashitapro

Customer reviews


Individual design agency "Artaleco" was done for our organization, I agree to the contract, the development of the logo, corporate identity elements, package design. The requirements were high, the deadlines were tight. The agency works professionally and efficiently. All work was done on time, taking into account our requests...

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Sunnyback City LLC

Sunnyback City LLC thanks the staff of the Artaleco individual design agency for the work done on website design update. The specialists of the agency "Artaleco" professionally solved all the tasks assigned to them. look - the site turned out to fully meet our requirements ...

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Thanks to the Artaleco individual design agency for the good work! I personally liked the design process itself, its discussion and elaboration of all elements, an excellent approach, everything was taken into account and a huge number of tips were made. We often hear in our address from buyers, which is very convenient to place an order...

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Logo Design

It is a methodical creative process that takes time to perfect a trademark. Whether the company is corporate or owned by an individual, a group of companies or a small business, Artaleco listens and asks the right questions to guide the brand on the right path to success. I am committed to offering visual identity services for your growing business. It should be simple work well in black and white, be memorable, versatile, resizable, its purpose provides the best customer response

Logo Redesign

Keep your image current, a logo redesign will help align your company brand with current design trends and aesthetics. While our team respects your business history and logo, we don't want you to lost potential customers because the logo looks outdated or dated. Your logo redesign is great a way to show your audience that your brand is sustainable, flexible and active.

Corporate identity and brand book

This is the image that forms the brand. We design the look, logos, badges, color palettes, typography and graphics to bring the brand's personality to life. Artaleco loves what he does. When a process terminates, it doesn't end there, we are always ready to support you. You only deal with me, so you always get the same support.

Advertising and printing

Printing products are included in the brand space, it is an important part of it, it includes various objects. This includes souvenirs, flyers and booklets, representative and promotional materials, catalogs and calendars. Materials should be combined with the brand, correlate with it, be part of the corporate identity.

Label Design

Product labels are an important carrier of visual contact with the consumer and part of its corporate identity. Our task is to show who the product is intended for, highlight the best properties and values ​​of the brand. Buyer's perception associates label quality with the immediate quality of the product. It is necessary to favorably highlight the product against the background of competitors, and leave a positive product image, Professionally done work will reduce advertising costs.

Web Development

We offer you comprehensive solutions for creating your own high-quality online store or design landing page that will meet your preferences and wishes. We have extensive experience in creating various websites and guarantee high performance and functionality that can withstand heavy loads. The site can be created based on CMS (Content Management System), which allows you to easily manage a web resource by adding texts and graphic content, or write a unique website code.

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